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ICT Group

The computer and network support for the faculty by the Informatiseringscentrum ( www.ic.uva.nl). This includes purchasing, hard- and software maintenance, user support, etc.


E-mail related pages can now be found under Guides -> E-mail

Buying hardware and Software

Computer hardware and software are purchased by the Informatiseringscentrum, according to tested and standardized configurations. FNWI institutes and departments must purchase computer equipment, peripherals and software through the Informatiseringscentrum. Please contact for this you ICT Contactperson.

Computers systems are installed and maintained by the ICT group.

  1. If you can send e-mail, send your support request to the Servicedesk IC.
  2. If you want to apply for a FNWI account, you can complete the web-form.
  3. If you want to contact the Servicedesk IC call 2200.

Change Calendar

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Also check UvA-IC: Gepland onderhoud


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Also check UvA-IC: Nieuws over ICT-diensten en het IC