CLIN 2005, the 16th meeting of computational linguistics in The Netherlands, took place on Friday December 16, 2005, in Amsterdam, prior to the Amsterdam Colloquium.


The CLIN 2005 program consisted of contributed papers, posters, demos, and two invited talks, by Edward Hovy (ISI, USC) and Hermann Ney (RWTH). Visit this separate page.


CLIN 2005 is organized by Maarten de Rijke, Remko Scha, Khalil Sima'an, and Rob van Son, with valuable help from Krisztian Balog, Aspasia Beneti, Fransje Enserink, Felix Hageloh, Joeri Honnef, Valentin Jijkoun, Tanja Kassenaar, Markos Mylonakis, Irwin Oppenheim, Jessica Pogorzelski, Detlef Prescher, Koen van de Sande, Yoav Seginer, Erik Tjong Kim Sang, Reut Tsarfati, Roberto Valenti, Marjan Veldhuizen, Klara Weiand, Wieneke Wesseling, Jelle Zuidema, and Janneke van der Zwaan.

Previous editions

The CLIN meeting has been organized yearly ever since 1990. Check the Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands page for previous meetings and other information.

Future editions

CLIN 2006 will take place in Leuven, with Frank Van Eynde as main organizer.