CLIN 2005 Proceedings

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:: call for participant papers ::

The CLIN 2005  organizing committee invites all but only CLIN 2005 speakers (and co-authors) to submit a written version of their talk or poster for publication in the Proceedings. The paper has to be written in English and the maximum length is 15 pages. The style files and guidelines are provided below. All submissions will be reviewed by two anonymous reviewers.

The time schedule is as follows:

The proceedings will be edited by Khalil Sima'an and other organizing committee members. A reviewing committee will be formed after receiving the statements of intent.

Details about format and style files can be found below.

:: format and style guidelines ::


Style packages for LaTeX2e

You will need clin.sty and clin.bst in order to obtain the required page layout. Both packages originate from CLIN 2003, by Hendri Hondorp (University of Twente).

Furthermore, we suggest you use:

These packages are usually included in LaTeX2e. If you want to use additional packages, please let us know.

Additional Information

General Style Guidelines

If you have any problems or (further) suggestions, please mail to

May 3 2006: Call for papers adapted from CLIN 2003 CFP