CLIN 2005 Abstracts
  • A common feature-value set for four differently conceived monolingual Dutch lexicons (Isa Maks and Michel Boekestein)
    Isa Maks and Michel Boekestein (TST-centrale, Instituut voor Nederlandse Lexicologie)
    The Dutch centre for language and speech technology (TST-centrale) is responsible for the maintenance, distribution and accessibility of digital language resources, including lexical databases (LDBs). The TST-centrale started recently a project to increase mutual comparability and to achieve mutual enrichment of four LDBs, and to make these results online available to potential users. The involved LDBs are monolingual Dutch lexicons differing in size, intended use, lexical organisation and (type of) content. The project consists of the following steps: (1) creation of a common feature-value set; (2) mapping of the different LDBs on this set, (3) partial linking of the data and (4) design and implementation of a web interface. In this paper we present the results of the first step, i.e. the design of a common feature value set. The set will be (i) sufficiently generic to accommodate the four involved LDBs as well as LDBs that will be entrusted to the TST-centrale in the future; and (ii) based upon different standards for both computational lexicons and lexicons for human use.