CLIN 2005 Abstracts
  • Language Technology for eLearning (LT4el)
    Paola Monachesi (Utrecht University)
    Given the huge amount of static and dynamic content created for eLearning tasks, the major challenge for extending their use is to improve the effectiveness of retrieval and accessibility by making use of Learning Management Systems (LMS).

    The aim of the European project LT4eL (IST-4) is to tackle this problem by providing Language Technology based functionalities and by integrating semantic knowledge to enhance the management, distribution and retrieval of the learning material. The project wants to improve on existing LMS by allowing for the construction of user specific courses through the semantic querying for topics of interests.

    Specifically, we will employ Language Technology resources and tools for the semi-automatic generation of descriptive metadata. We will thus develop new functionalities such as key word extractor and glossary candidate detector, tuned for the various languages addressed in the project (Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, English, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian).

    Semantic knowledge, in the form of ontologies, will be integrated to enhance the management, distribution and searchability of the learning material. The ontologies will allow for the multilingual retrieval of the required information. These functionalities will be integrated in the ILIAS system (