CLIN 2005 Abstracts
  • Where Framenet meets the Dutch (Spoken) Corpus: in the middle
    Jantine Trapman (Utrecht University)
    Paola Monachesi (Utrecht University)
    The Spoken Dutch Corpus (SDC) contains Flemish and Dutch transcribed speech annotated with POS tagging. Furthermore, part of it has been annotated with phonetic, prosodic and syntactic information, but semantic annotation is lacking. The aim of this study is to investigate how to enrich the SDC with semantic annotation by focusing on argument structure. In particular, we consider the adjunct medium construction, as test case. This construction, which can be exemplified by the sentence `deze schoenen lopen lekker', is especially interesting from the point of view of the interaction among the annotation levels because at the syntactic and morphological level it is an active construction while its meaning is passive.

    We will assume Frame Semantics as basis for the representation of argument structure and in particular we will consider FrameNet and its frame classification. It is investigated to which extent the frames proposed for the English medium construction can be adapted for Dutch and suggestions are made in this respect. Furthermore, a proposal is made on how to annotate this construction within the SDC as well as within the corpus of written Dutch (D-coi) which is under development.