The 3rd European Conference on Software
Maintenance and Reengineering

C S M R ' 9 9

Chapel of St. Agnes, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

3-5 March 1999

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Universiteit van Amsterdam

The university of Amsterdam is one of the two universities that are located in Amsterdam. Currently there are 22.000 students and over 5.000 employees scattered over 9 different faculties.

Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica

CWI is the national research institute for mathematics and computer science in the Netherlands.

Universität Zürich

IEEE-CS Technical Council on Software Engineering (TCSE)

The Technical Council on Software Engineering (TCSE) is the IEEE Computer Society's international coordinating body for innovative programs and services in software engineering.

TCSE is at the forefront of information exchange and support for both practitioners and researchers throughout the software engineering field, serving as both a coordinating entity for existing programs and as a wellspring for new initiatives and activities.

IEEE Information Technology (IT-ieee)

IEEE Information Technology is an organization of IT professionals and researchers that provides programs and services to support and enhance the growth of our IT professional members in their careers. We work on technology transfer, continuing education, and advancing the state-of-the-art in IT technology. We are a task force of the IEEE Computer Society.

Information Technology (IT) is that set of technology components and operational procedures that support a business or organization in managing information so that it can do its work. IT embodies the hardware, software, algorithms, databases, tactics, and man-machine interfaces used to create, capture, organize, modify, store, protect, access, and distribute information for ultimate use by people.

Reengineering Forum industry association

The Reengineering Forum is an industry association to encourage combined industry/research review of the state of the art and the state of the practice in reengineering of software, systems, and business processes. It is a meeting place for key people in the reengineering and reverse engineering fields: developers, researchers, and leading-edge users.

In coorperation with:

Emendo Software Group

Emendo Software Group, formerly known as the COSMOS Group, is a member of the TechForce Holding as founded in 1987. Emendo Software Group offers solutions to problems during the lifecycle of software, by which the real value of software increases. Their core competence is software language engineering, software quality assessment (metrics) and industrializing software development and maintenance Emendo's analysis and transformation technology uses the experience of 100 manyears of R&D, funded by Esprit and Dutch government and prototyped with Alcatel, Philips and BT between 1989 and 1993

Emendo applications include Emendo Applications

In 1996 the Gartner Group gave Emendo the highest ranking for technology suitable for solving the Year 2000 problem. They were also a winner of the European IT Prize 1996.

TriLoc Software Engineering Europe B.V.

TriLoc Software Engineering is a dynamic, enterprising organization, which opened its European operations in Almere, the Netherlands, in 1997. Their objective is to address the analysis and conversion requirements for the migration of tailor-made and packaged software by providing detailed analysis results for end-to-end testing and conversion processes. They are specialized in:

ID Research

ID Research is a consultancy and research bureau that executes research and innovation projects in the IT area for, and in co-operation with, its customers. Their central themes are They offer a variety of services in project form for each of these central themes. These include innovation analyses, market surveys, scientific explorations, product selections, pilot projects, and coaching. The pilot projects are aimed at experimenting with changes in ways of working and tooling. ID Research employs an extended network of suppliers and knowledge institutes to support these services.

Mass Maintenance

Mass Maintenance is a software maintenance company providing legacy asset management solutions for the IT-industry. Currently we are entirely focussed on providing no-nonsense, hassle-free services to help our customers solve their millennium and euro problems. Mass Maintenance consists of a consultancy unit and a software maintenance factory. Our consultancy unit offers a wide range of service, from business consultancy to IT-consultancy, and from interim management to project management. Our factory's capacity is used to provide maintenance services such as automated analysis (FindIT), automated renovation (FixIT), and automated testing (TestIT). Mass Maintenance's website serves as an information resource for the software ma intenance community. The website contains a comprehensive set of documents such as a bibliography of methodologies, solution databases, articles, templates, and glossaries. Mass Maintenance's website can be found at:

Elsevier Science

For over 100 years, Elsevier Science has been dedicated
to facilitating the exchange of information.

Today Elsevier Science remains more committed than ever
to that mission and has grown into a publishing entity of truly
global proportions with offices around the world. Elsevier
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Working with the world's most respected scientists and researchers, Elsevier Science has set a high standard for quality. Our publications are written and edited by international scholars with excellent technical and scientific credentials, and wide research and teaching experience in their respective fields.