June 25 - 27, 2001
Amsterdam Science &
Technology Centre (WTCW)
CWI Building
Kruislaan 413
1098 SJ Amsterdam

It is with much pleasure that we announce the 9th event of the highly successful International Conference on High Performance Computing and Networking Europe. Similar to the previous years, HPCN Europe 2001 will consist of focused workshops, associated events, and a Scientific Conference, covering the complete field of HPCN from:

  • Grid based and web based information management and infrastructures
  • Industrial applications
  • New scientific results in computational and computer science
  • High bandwidth networking applications

We invite you to contribute to the Conference by attendence or by submitting a paper.

Conference Tracks

  1. Web and Grid based Applications
    • Including distributed/federated information and knowledge management, information brokerage, virtual enterprises, clearing houses, electronic business, cooperation coordination, tele-work, etc.
  2. Industrial and end-user Applications of HPCN
    • Including the web applications, tele-medicine, data mining, automotive, aerospace, chemical, climate modeling, distributed manufacturing, virtual reality, etc.
  3. Computational Science
    • Including new numerical and non-numerical techniques for parallelization, metacomputing, load balancing, problem solving environments, etc.
  4. Computer Science research in HPCN
    • Including tools runtime support, compiler technology, programming environments, architecture simulations, etc.

Main Activities

HPCN Europe 2001 will comprise the following activities:

  • a Conference including:
    • a Technical Conference focussing:
      • Applications in Information Systems
      • Applications in Science and Engineering
    • User tracks including:
      • Industrial User track
      • General End-User track
      • Computational Science track
      • Computer Science track
    • Workshops
    • Poster presentation

Who should participate

Vendors of hardware and software actively involved in the High Performance Market offering solutions for Industry and Research are welcomed. In addition, we welcome those concerned with products and applications offered by vendors for solutions in highspeed networking issues, system software & tools, engineering, commercial use, visualization, datamanagement, system integration and the WWW as well as services.

Who will attend

  • Users of workstations and servers and the matching software packages for simulation, visualisation and high-performance data handling;
  • Decision makers in industry, research and academia, responsible for the selection and acquisition of high-performance systems and software;
  • Researchers, developers and engineers in industry and academia, willing to contribute to the growing importance of HPCN technology.

Information / Main Addresses

Please address all correspondence concerning practical matters to:
(NOT for submission or paper correspondence)

Conference Office
Universiteit van Amsterdam
P.O. Box 19268
1000 GG Amsterdam
The Netherlands
E- mail: mc-consultancy@xs4all.nl
E- mail: congres@bdu.uva.nl

All correspondence regarding the papers only, must be sent to the following address:

Programme Coordinator
Alfons Hoekstra
HPCN Europe 2001
Kruislaan 403
1098 SJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Fax +31 (0)20 - 525 7490
E- mail: alfons@wins.uva.nl (person to person communication about papers)

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