The Premier Conference and Exhibition in the field of Advanced Solutions for Industry, Research and Education based on Workstations, Servers, High-Performance Systems and Networking Technology.

RAI Conference Center Amsterdam

April 1999

8.30-18.00 hours

Registration starts at 8.00
on April 12, 1999

HPCN Europe '99

The 7th International Conference on

 High Performance Computing and Networking Europe.

April 12 - 14, 1999

 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

It is with much pleasure that we announce the seventh edition of the highly succesful High Performance Computing and Networking Europe event. Like previous years, HPCN Europe '99 will combine focussed workshops and a scientific conference, covering the field of HPCN from (industrial) end-user applications to new scientific results in computational science and computer science. With this call we invite you to submit a paper for the conference, to propose a workshop, and to participate in the event.

The conference has three complementary themes

  1. (Industrial) End-user Applications of HPCN
  2. Computational Science
  3. Computer Science research in HPCN
You are all invited to participate in this event.

Important Dates

On behalf of the HPCN Europe '99 Organisation,