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Communication in Physics Project

This project is carried out, under the aegis of the Physica Foundation, at the University of Amsterdam in a collaboration of the Van der Waals-Zeeman Laboratory of the Faculty of Science and the Department of Discourse and Argumentation Studies of the Faculty of Humanities. The project is part of a research programme Communication In Physics initiated by the Physica Foundation.


We study the transfer of scientific information in Physics on a fundamental level, without taking technology as a Leitmotiv. We analyze the nature and structure of the information in scientific articles from the complementary points of view of physics and of argumentation theory. Our goal is to propose a new modularity for physics publications that will reflect the possibilities provided by electronic tools. For further information we refer you to a more extensive introduction and our papers .


Some - published and unpublished - papers by members of our group.

Links and related material

Some links relevant to our project on Electronic publishing (with examples of electronic journals and other electronic publications), Electronic collaboration and teaching, Language and logic resources and Information retrieval, and some related material.



scientific advisors:

financial support: Physica Foundation, Shell Research and Technology Centre, Amsterdam (SRTCA), Dutch Royal Academy of Science and Arts (KNAW), Dutch Royal Library (KB), Elsevier Science

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