The use of relational databases for electronic and conventional scientific publishing, Joost G. Kircz and Jan Bleeker, Journal of Information Science 13 (1987) 75-89


In an attempt to integrate traditional scientific publishing and new electronic possibilities for storage, retrieval and dissemination, a model is proposed. Based on a General Mark-up Language approach the information content of an article is analyzed and various categories of different types of information are defined. Using a relational database as a starting point for all operations, different products can be identified by packaging different information entities in a multitude of ways.

traditional publishing results by aggregating the database fields in a typeset file; seconday information (bibliographic and citation indexing) can be extracted automatically whilst all kinds of publisher's stratistics ranging from geographical breakdowns or author's lists to subject indexes, are spin-offs as well. A new feature is a current awareness service which enables the user to search for literature prior to publication. Linked with the storage of the complete manuscript, including figures and tables, on e.g. an optical disc, this enables the possibility of linking bibliograpic searching to full text retrieval. Recommandations for an author's environment to be linked to such an integrated publisher's model are discussed.

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