Rhetorical structure of scientific articles: the case for argumentational analysis in information retrieval, Joost G. Kircz, Journal of Documentation vol.47, no.4 (1991) 354-372


In this paper the extent to which moders indexing and information retrieval research meets the needs and requirements of different types of readers is criticised. A review of the stagnation in this field gives evidence for the ned for a radically different approach The main problem is identified as the assumption that knowledge contained in a scientific article can be represented by a semantic network only, and therefore can be manipulated by formal logic approaches. Complementary to this, a plea is made to strat an argumentational analysis of the -highly structured- corpus of scientific articles (mainly physics). Such an analysis might lead to an argumentationla syntax which will also enable the non-expert to browse through large quantities of electronically stored articles. A first attempt at such an approach is given. Furthermore the possible use of the Standard General Mark-up Language (SGML) approach in relation to a hypertext environment for a possible application is discussed.

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