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of the thesis]

RESULTS = A05-m4

The differential scattering cross section for chemi-ionization has been measured in the eV range range for alkali Thus experimental raw data [NOT AVAILABLE  (link type: 'To the data (link type: 'CONTAINS/is specified in'; target:  A05-m4ai] and treated results [ (link type: 'To the experimental results (link type: 'CONTAINS/is specified in'; target:  A05-m4bi] have been obtained for: This module also contains a copy of 'theoretical data and results results' obtained as intermediary results in the course of the interpretation [Inpuit from a Quantitative interpretation module (link type: `INPUT FROM'; target:  A05-m5bi]. These results are the potential, the deflection function and the theoretical cross section of K + Br2 [NOT AVAILABLE (link type: contains/specified in/detailed in) data A05-m4aii] [ (link type: 'To the theoretical results (link type: 'CONTAINS/specified in/detailed in'; target:  A05-m4bii].