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Treated results=A08-m4bii

Figure 0.9: Fig. A08-m4bi2-F4: Detector signal versus laboratory scattering angle measured at colliding energies of 18.2 and 84 eV in the angular range just beyond the primary rainbows. The abscissas of the corresponding curves have been shifted in such a way that the maxima of the primary rainbows, indicated by $\theta_{\rr\br}$, coincide

The differential cross sections of charge-transfer collisions between Na atoms and I atoms have been calculated semiclassically [Particulars on the calculation methods in the Theoretical methods (link type: 'DEPENDS ON/is detailed in'; target: A08-m3c] .

This module contains a copy of 'theoretical results' obtained as intermediary results in the course of the interpretation [(link type: 'INPUT FROM'; target: interpretation A08-m5b]