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of the thesis]

Treated results Li Br2 at 6.25 eV and K I2at 11.25 eV = A05-m4bi2

Figure A05-m4bi1-F2 shows the polar differential scattering cross section (CM system'; target: for chemi-ionization of Li + B2 at initial relative kinetic energies of 6.25 eV and K + I2 at 11.15 eV that has been measured [ NOT AVAILABLE (link type: 'To the module (link type: depends on'; target:  raw data A05-m4ai] using a molecular beam set-up [The results depend on the experimental methods (link type: 'DEPENDS ON'; target: A05-m3a].
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[to the FULL figure] Figure A05-m4bi2-F1: Li + BR2 at 6.25 eV and K + I2 at 11.25 eV, chemi-ionization differential cross section (CM system'; target: . The units on the ordinate are not related.