A08m2: POSITIONING To the Situation To the Central problem To the POSITIONING To the Abstract To the bibliographical data To the lists of physics terms To the Map of Contents To the lists of references To the Acknowledgements To the META_INFORMATION To Theoretical methods A08-m3ci1 To Theoretical methods A08-m3ci2 To theoretical methods A08-m3ci To the experimental methods A08-m3a To the Theoretical methods A08-m3cii To the METHODS To experimental results A08-m4bi1 To experimental Treated results A08-m4bi2 To experimenal Treated results A08-m4bi To theoretical Treated results A08-m4bii1 To theoretical treated results A08-m4bii2 To theoretical treated results A08-m4bii3 To the theoretical Treated results To the treated results A08-m4b To the Results A08-m4 To the Quantitative interpretation A08-m5bii1 To the Quantitative interpretation A08-m5bii2 To the Quantitative interpretation A08-m5bii To the Qantitative interpretation A08-m5bi To the Quantitative interpretation A08-m5b To the Qualitative interpretation A08-m5a To the INTERPRETATION A08-m5 To the Findings A08-m6a To the Leads for furher research A08-m6b To the OUTCOME A08-m6 To the mesoscopic Situation MESO-m2a To the mesoscopic Central problem To the mesoscopic Positioning To the macroscopic Experimental methods MACRO-m3a To the mesoscopic Iodine oven MESO-m3a-I To the mesoscopic Ir detector MESO-m3a-Ir To the mesoscopic Experimental methods MESO-m3a To the mesoscopic model MESO-m3a-mod To the mesoscopic theoretical methods MESO-m3c-defl To the mesoscopic data treatment MESO-m3c-treat To the mesoscopic Theoretical methods To the macroscopc theoretical methods MACRO-m3c-diab To the macroscopc theoretical methods MACRO-m3c-diff