Figure A08-m5bii2-F2: Smoothed differential cross section for five different collision energies.
(a), (b), (c), (d), (e): Full curves show the measured relative differential cross section, averaged over the interference structure. Dashed curves show calculated absolute cross sections using the coupling elements H12=0.0024 a.u. (0.065 eV): and H12=0.04 a.u.
(f): Effect of rotational coupling on the minimum of the differential cross section due to collisions with large collision parameters. Abscissa and ordinate scales have been extended by a factor of two with respect to the corresponding figure (e). [Experimental part copied from the Treated results (link type: 'input from'; target A08-m4bi1)] [Theoretical part copied to the Treated results (link type: 'output to'; target A08-m4bii2)]