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ACCS home page

The Amsterdam Centre for Computational Science (ACCS) is a joint initiative of research groups from Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Amsterdam and AMOLF, the FOM institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics.

Within the Computational Science Centre research is being done on complex systems and processes stemming from physics, biology, chemistry, environmental - and geosciences as well as anthropogenic disciplines (engineering, finance, economics) using simulation and computational techniques. 

An important element within this multi-disciplinary research is the development of new computational methods and techniques which are required to make processes computable. The common characteristics of systems from various disciplines (physics, biology, chemistry etc.) contribute to a better knowledge and guarantee an optimal use of existing expertise about complex systems. 

At the University of Amsterdam Computational Science is a focus of new research. This joint initiative is being supported by the ``beta-cluster'' (physics, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, physical geography, and biology). The centre of activities of this interdisciplinary collaboration within computational science is at the Science-Park Watergraafsmeer in Amsterdam, where also the Academic Computing Services Amsterdam (facilities for High Performance Computing and Virtual Reality), and the NWO institutes Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics, the National Institute for Nuclear Physics and High Energy Physics, and the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science are located.

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