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The ACCS has two main activities in education in the Computational Sciences.

First, it organizes the international Master of Science program in Computational Science. This is a two-years program. Students will acquire practical and theoretical knowledge in Computational Science, covering subjects such as numerical mesoscopic modelling of chemical and (bio)physical processes, scientific visualization and virtual reality, numerical and evolutionary algorithms, dedicated computer architecture, and parallel and distributed simulation.The courses are taught in English, and are open for both international and Dutch students. Upon completion, students will receive an internationally acknowledged Master of Science degree in Computational Science. This title offers the student the right to enter the Ph.D. program of the university, including more advanced courses and a research project (duration 4 years).

Second, the participating groups offer many courses in Computational Science as Post Graduate courses. Some of these courses are regular university lectures (i.e. weekly lectures and practical courses over a period of 3 months). Other courses have formats that are very suitable as post-academic courses. For example, we offer block courses and distance learning modules.

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