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A combination of groups from the University of Amsterdam and the NWO Institute AMOLF form the core of the Amsterdam Centre of Computational Science. It is the ambition of the participating groups to create an internationally leading, multidisciplinary Centre in (applied) computational; science, covering research in the area of the natural sciences + mathematics / Computer Science.

The area members are acknowledged scientists in their respective fields. The program director, Prof. Frenkel, was very recently appointed member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Science (KNAW). In particular those areas of research where the Amsterdam groups have specific expertise are incorporated. Potentially, in a later stage, outside groups will be involved as well. The Centre will be open to such participation.

Currently, the following groups participate in ACCS:

Computational Physics D. Frenkel AMOLF and UvA - Chemical Engineering
Computational Chemistry B. Smit UvA - Chemical Engineering
Computational Biology A. de Roos UvA -IBED
Mathematics P. Hemker UvA - Mathematics
Computer Science P. Sloot UvA - Computer Science Institute

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