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The Amsterdam Center for Computational Science (ACCS) aims to stimulate computational science at the interface of physics, chemistry, biology, (applied) mathematics and computer science. In order to foster scientific contacts between these different disciplines, ACCS organizes, on a regular basis, seminars in the field of Computational Science. 

The seminars are either exploratory workshops where researchers discuss new and upcomping themes, that are of interest to several of the participating disciplines, or are focussed events specializing on a specific theme from Computational Science. In this case the seminars are centered around lectures by local graduate students or post-docs working with computational techniques that may be of interest to scientists working in other disciplines. 

The seminars are usually on a friday afternoon, and typically contain three presentations. Calls for participation for new seminars are distributed via email and announced on this website. If you want to be included on the list, send us an email

If you are interested to organize an ACCS seminar, or want to suggest topics that may be of interest, please also send us an email.

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