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First, thanks a bunch for wanting to improve these pages.

Due to some spam jerks, this wiki is restrictive in who can edit pages. If you register, you can at least add comments to most pages. Please, do drop me a line at with the username you picked. I'll add you to the group of default editors as soon as I can. That allows you to edit most pages. No explanation needed, this is just to stop the spam-bots.

We rather gave you access automatically, but this scum of the earth (spammers) did prevent us from doing so. Please accept our sincere apologies for causing this inconvienance to you. Oh, and feel free to give a bogus mail address in the registration field. We don't use it anyway.

Getting This Page Unexpectedly?

If you have logged in, and see this page if you clicked "Edit", please drop Freek a line at You're most likely not in the correct group. Please mention your username as well as the page you tried to edit. Thanks.

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