Amsterdam Atom Chips

Welcome to the home page of the atom chip groups at the University of Amsterdam.
We have two atom-chip experiments operational.

News: 2D lattice of magnetic microtraps

lattice chip lattice chip

Left: electron microscope photograph of our atom chip based on a patterned, 300-nm thick FePt film (magnetized out of plane). Four trapping sites are indicated by dashed ellipses. Right: experimentally obtained absorption image of ultracold clouds of 87Rb atoms, trapped about 10 Ám from the chip surface. Traps in the center contain approximately 104 atoms each. This lattice is very promising as it can potentially fulfill all the requirements of a scalable and addressable quantum information register. See also the pages of the permanent magnet chip project.

Two BEC's-on-a-chip

Both of our atom chip setups have achieved Bose-Einstein condensation in 2006!
More detailed descriptions can be found here and here.

BEC1 movie BEC2 movie