Research themes

Permanent magnetic-film atom chips

rings latticechip A magnetic atom chip is a planar structure used to confine and manipulate ultracold neutral atoms, in our case 87Rb. Most atom chips so far rely on a planar pattern of current-carrying wires to generate the magnetic fields. Here we investigate a promising alternative based on hard magnetic films patterned by lithographic techniques. These film chips are particularly promising for quantum information processing. Some other applications are low-dimensional quantum gases and atom interferometry. (More information...)

Quantum information and entanglement

qssim Quantum information processing ("quantum computing") promises spectacular speedups for some tasks, such as factoring large numbers and searching through an unsorted list. Our group takes both experimental and theoretical interest in quantum information processing. We experimentally develop quantum registers in the form of large arrays of magnetic microtraps. These are loaded with ultrcold atoms on a magnetic-film atom chip. Another experiment aims at quantum information processing using cold Rydberg atoms. We theoretically investigate a modified version of Grover's quantum search algorithm that works well in the presence of spontaneous qubit decay. We have also explored classical-wave analogies of quantum information, both theoretically and experimentally, included a Fourier optics experiment implementing a quantum search. (More quantum information...)

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