NRS - IEEE/RSJ IROS 2008 Workshop:
Network Robot Systems: human concepts of space and activity, integration and applications

September, 26, 2008, Nice, France


Important Dates



Invited Speakers



Important dates

paper submission:Jul 7th, 2008 EXTENDED DEADLINE
notification : Jul 17th, 2008
final submission: Jul 20th, 2008
WS : Sep 26th, 2008
IROS 2008 : Sep 22-26, 2008


This workshop combines the ninth 'Network Robot Systems' workshop with the third 'From Sensors to Human Concepts' workshop. Building on the success of our previous workshops, it will cover all aspects of the use of robots as apart of a sensor network (Network Robot Systems) for the co-existence of robots and humans in everyday environments.

The workshop will place special emphasis on 'platform, integration, and application'. Five years have passed since the inception of many network robot system research projects, and we believe it is important to showcase the variety of successful network robot system applications which have been developed. People will be invited to share their firsthand experiences and lessons learned from these projects.

The workshop will also focus on 'human concepts of space and activity'. The information obtained from the sensor network and robot sensors can be used to interact intelligently and naturally with a human-inhabited environment. The aim of the workshop is also to bring together researchers that work on representations appropriate for communicating with humans and on developing algorithms for relating the sensory network data to the human concepts. There will also be a session in which the results of field trials will be reported, including the human-robot interaction (HRI) aspect of network robot systems.

In addition, as the field of network robot systems research grows, interpretations of the definition of "network(ed) robot" tend to diverge. Thus, it is important to coordinate this definition for the purpose of community building. We plan to extend previous discussions to bring together traditional robotics technology issues with user interaction considerations, a cross-disciplinary focus essential to the design of other user-oriented technologies such as software agents and mobile phones. Finally, we aim to discuss requirements for a common testbed for network robot systems, as well as benchmarks for evaluating several aspects of the performance of network robot systems, including human-robot interaction.

Suggested topics

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • sensor network and sensing devices for network robot systems
  • distributed networked environment sensing/actuation
  • representations of space and human activities from sensor networks
  • space and human activity representations appropriate for communicating with humans
  • comparison and/or combination of the different sensor modalities
  • socially situated sensor networks and robots
  • human's interaction with sensor network and networked robot system
  • coordination and cooperation among multiple types of robots
  • ubiquitous robotics
  • network robot platform
  • security for network robot systems
  • common testbed, common research platform, and performance metrics
  • applications of network robot systems