GAViewer: interactive geometric algebra with OpenGL visualization.

Download GAViewer and documentation

Tutorials running in GAViewer
(including Eurographics 2004 Conformal Blades Tutorial)

GAViewer is a multi-purpose program for performing geometric algebra computations and visualizing geometric algebra. Some possible uses are:

We do not consider GAViewer appropriate for implementing 'serious' applications. The internal (interpreted) programming language is too slow and limited for such purposes.

GAViewer has outgrown its original purpose. We initially created GAViewer as a small program for visualizing GABLE/Matlab output because we weren't satisfied with the Matlab graphics. Then we wanted to have a typesetting system for labels and support for slideshows. After some time the desire rose to add a console for interactive computations inside the viewer. After a console was added, we wanted to have functions and batches. Then dynamic statements were added. The latest additions include animations based an dynamic statements and scalar controls.

The image below is a screenshot from the Conformal GA tutorial. The intersection of the yellow plane and the paraboloid forms a circle when projected downwards.