This URL was the homepage of the research
group Materials Science at WZI

This group is no longer existing.

Ekkes Brück has left WZI for a position at the Technological University Delft.
His new website can be found as a link in the Hard Condensed Matter startpage, see below.

However, activities, and facilities like the X-ray department,
and the metallurgy department, were, are, and will stay
a part of the WZI and continue to be at the disposal
of the WZI community.

These facilities can be found now at the Hard Condensed Matter website.

To visit, for historical reasons, the old Materials Science pages, click Old Pages.
These pages are no longer maintained!!

Relevant updated pages, together with other material from
the author of this page, can be found on the website: Dr. Jacques C. P. Klaasse.

last modified 23th of July 2008 by Jacques Klaasse