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Foundation of the IAS Society

The Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS) Society was founded on July 14th 1994. At the IAS-2 conference in Amsterdam a questionnaire was distributed to get an indication on whether there is sufficient interest to found an IAS Society. It was proposed that this Society should have as primary aim the organization of the IAS conference every other year. Alternatively, a workshop on a specific topic could be organized in those years when no conference is being held. It was also suggested that Society members would receive a newsletter informing them on the activities of the Society. During the IAS-3 conference in Pittsburgh (1993) the ideas were further discussed an it was decided to establish the IAS Society. In the last two years the ideas have been further developed. It has been decided that the Society membership fee will include a subscription on the journal Robotics and Autonomous Systems. This journal will from now on onwards also publish a news page from the Society.

The IAS Society has an Executive Committee consisting of:
L.O. Hertzberger, Chairman (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands),
T. Kanade, Secretary (Carnegie-Mellon University, USA),
H. Inoue, Treasurer (University of Tokyo, Japan)

In addition, the members of this committee will be chairmen of the pre- and post-IAS conferences. Besides the Executive Committee, the IAS Society will have a Governing Board which was established at the IAS-4 conference in Karlsruhe (1995). The Executive Committee still would be pleased to receive your suggestion for the appointment of important researchers for the Governing Board. Society membership can be applied for by contacting the Society at the address given below. As a member of the Society you will not only be informed on the activities of the Society, but you will also have the possibility to influence the composition of its Governing Board, and consequently the content and place of the next IAS conference. In addition, members will automatically receive a subscription to the journal Robotics and Autonomous Systems.

L.O. Hertzberger,
Chairman IAS Society

Kruislaan 403, 1098 SJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands