Atomic hydrogen and ultra-cold plasmas

Two-dimensional Bose and Fermi gases

Spin-polarized atomic hydrogen adsorbed on the surface of liquid helium form a weakly interacting two-dimensional (2d) gas. Hydrogen is a bosonic atom and is prediced to undergo a  Kosterlitz-Thouless (KT) transition [1] to superfluidity when cooled to low temperature. Deauterium is simlar but being a Fermion it can be conrasted with its bosonic counterpart. The KT transition is accompanied by a transition that can be regarded as the two-dimensional analog of Bose-Einstein Condensation (2-d BEC). People have been aware of the possibility of the possibility of 2-d BEC in hydrogen right from the start of cold H research, but only since 1991 has it been actively analyzed (see e.g. [2]) and pursued experimentally by groups in the field. In 1998 the first experimental evidence was obtained for the existence of such a phase by a Finish-Russian collaboration [3]. In Amsterdam we study the adsorbate of H atoms on top of bulk helium using resonant fluorescence at the Lyman-alpha transition of the hydrogen atom [4] as well as in the deuterium atom [5]. In atomic hydrogen the 2-d gas is in equilibrium with a three dimensional gas above the surface that is so dense that photo-association, the formation of molecules mediated by light absorption, could be directly observed[6]


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