Brian Greene (Columbia)                Space and Time since Einstein           

Stephen Hawking (Cambridge)      Predicting the Future: from Astrology to Black Holes

Gerard 't Hooft (Utrecht)               Who obeys Traffic Rules or Parking Signs   
                                                                           on the surface of a Black Hole?

Leonard Susskind (Stanford)         Strings and Black Holes:                 
                                                                       a new paradigm for Quantum Gravity

Edward Witten (IAS, Princeton)     Duality, Spacetime and Quantum Mechanics

The program starts at 9.45 and lasts until 16.30. There is a lunchbreak from 12.30-14.00.
Location: Koepelzaal in het Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel, Kattengat 1, Amsterdam.
Entrance fee: Fl. 15,-. Free entrance for registered participants of the Strings '97 conference.
For reservations via e-mail (preferred):, or by fax 020-5255778
For more information phone: 020-525-5773.
Registration/reservation is not necessary for Strings '97 participants.