Titles     -    Strings '97


A. Polyakov: Strings and Gauge Fields

P. Townsend: All you need is 'leven, 'leven is all you need.

J. Maldacena: Probing black holes with D-branes

R. Dijkgraaf: Matrix String Theory

A. Hanany: Type II superstrings and gauge theory dynamics in various dimensions

M. Cvetic: Thermodynamics and Grey Body Factors of General Rotating Black Holes

D. Luest: Dual String Pairs with N=1 Supersymmetry

B. Greene: D-branes on Calabi-Yau Orbifolds

U. Danielsson: Creation of Strings in D-Particle Quantum Mechanics

H. Ooguri: Strong Coupling Dynamics of Four-Dimensional N=1 Gauge Theories from M Theory Fivebrane


A. Sen: Orientifold limit of F-theory vacua

D. Morrison: RG Fixed Points in Five Dimensions

A. Tseytlin: Interactions of branes and matrix theories

J. Harvey: Brane forces and String Scattering

C. Hull: Branespotting

S. Das: Emision from D-branes and Hawking radiation: string loop effects

L. Ibanez: New Non-Perturbative Heterotic D=6,4, N=1 Orbifold Vacua

I. Klebanov: D-branes and production of strings

A. Tsuchiya: String field theory from IIB matrix model

K. Becker: A Two-Loop Test of M(atrix)-Theory

L. Susskind: Aspects of Matrix Theory


G. 't Hooft: The self-screening Hawking atmosphere and black-hole microstates

S. Ferrara: U-duality, Black-Hole entropy and fixed-scalars

S. Hawking: The Superscattering Operator

R. Kallosh: Covariant quantization of D-branes

G. Horowitz: The correspondence between strings and black holes

B. de Wit: Winding Supermembranes


E. Witten: Branes And The Large N Behavior Of Gauge Theories

M. Kontsevich: Strings and non-commutaive algebras

M. Green: Dirichlet in all directions

W. Lerche: Aspects of local mirror symmetry

E. Verlinde: On the fivebrane in matrix theory

T. Banks: Update on Matrix Theory

O. Ganor: Higher Loop Effects In M(atrix) Orbifolds

E. Silverstein: Closing the Generation Gap

J. Schwarz: Remarks on M5-branes

E. Sezgin: Beyond eleven dimensions

M. Duff: Supersymmetry without supersymmetry


N. Seiberg: Matrix description of M-theory on T^n

M. Bershadsky: Four-Dimensional Compactifications of F-theory

D. Kutasov: Branes and Gauge Theory Dynamics

J. Louis: Singularites in D=4, N=1 Heterotic String Vacua

E. Martinec: Matrix Black Holes

G. Moore: Coulomb + Higgs = Donaldson

C. Bachas: Heterotic-Type I Duality

E. Bergshoeff: Kappa-symmetry, Supersymmetry and Intersecting Branes

F. Wilczek: Cross-Confinement, Obstructed Symmetry, Non-abelian Statistics: Special Topics in 2+1 Dimensional Field Theory

M. Berkooz: String Dualities from Matrix Theory

M. Douglas: D-branes in curved space