Physics colloquium of the
Van der Waals-Zeeman Institute
Place: Valckenierstraat 65, Room J.388
Time: Tuesday afternoon, 16.00-17.00 h.
Coffee/Tea available from 15.45 h.

Ekkes Brück
Robert Spreeuw

Programme Fall 2005






6 September Prof.dr. Hongru Zhai Nanjing University

Ferro Magnetic Resonance

13 September Dr P. Schall Universiteit van Amsterdam Soft matter under tough pressure:
20 September Prof. Dr. G.V. Shlyapnikov Universiteit van Amsterdam, Université Paris-Sud
27 September
Dr. Peter Krüger University of Heidelberg Coherent matter waves on atom chips
4 October Prof. Dr F. MacKintosh Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Cytoskeletal networks: polymer physics meets cell mechanics
11 October Prof. Dr M. Weidenmüller Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg Interactions in ultracold Rydberg gases
18 October Dr A. Huxley CEA Grenoble From quantum critical physics to field induced superconductivity
25 October Prof. Jeroen van den Brink Instituut Lorentz, Leiden An Intrinsic Limit to Quantum Coherence due to Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking
1 November Prof. Dr Markus Grüninger RWTH Aachen

The quest for novel orbital excitations in orbitally degenerate compounds

8 November Dr Alex H. Lacerda National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Los Alamos Natl. Lab. and Florida State Univ. Condensed Matter Physics at Extreme Conditions: High B, and Low T
15 November Prof. Basile Audoly Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris The physics of spaghetti
22 November Prof. Dr. Markus Oberthaler Karl-Ruprechts-Universität Heidelberg Quantum mechanics observed with a microscope: About negative mass, solitons and tunnelling in a double-well
29 November Prof. Dr. Ralph Claessen Experimentelle Physik IV, Universität Würzburg Unusual electronic phase transitions in transition metal oxides
7 December Dr Paul Bartlett School of Chemistry University of Bristol Helical self-assembly of spherical colloids
13 December FOM Veldhoven
20 December Dr Andreas Borgschulte GKSS-Research Center Geesthacht GmbH Combinatorial approach for the search of novel hydrogen storage materials
10 January Prof. Dr Kjeld Eikema VU Amsterdam Vacuum ultraviolet frequency comb spectroscopy with phase controlled ultrafast laser pulses.

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