Physics colloquium of the
Van der Waals-Zeeman Institute
Place: Valckenierstraat 65, Room 286
Time: Tuesday afternoon, 16.00-17.00 h.
Coffee/Tea available from 15.45 h.

Ekkes Brück
Anne de Visser


 Programme 2003






9 January

Algemeen colloquium



4 February

Dr. R. Sprik

WZI-UvA & TN-UTwente

Multi-channel communication in a changing and disordered world

11 February

Dr. F Mulder

IRI TU Delft

Charge transport phenomena in Li-ion battery materials

20 February

Algemeen colloquium : Prof.dr. J. Fink

 TU Dresden

Plasmon excitations in solids

25 February

Dr. N.J. van Druten


Opportunities and challenges with ultracold gases

4 March

Dr. M. van Exter

Leiden University

Polarization entanglement of surface plasmons?

11 March

Dr. U. Zeitler

University Nijmegen

Dynamical scaling of the quantum Hall plateau transition

20 March

Algemeen colloquium



25 March

Dr. W. Wernsdorfer

Louis Néel Laboratory, CNRS-Grenoble 

Quantum dynamics in single-molecule magnets

1 April

Dr. J.W.M. Hilgenkamp


At the edge of an unconventional quantum system: Physics and applications of interfaces involving high-Tc superconductors

8 April

Dr. G.F. Zhou

Philips Research Eindhoven

Electronic paper display

17 April

Algemeen colloquium


22 April Prof.dr. W. van Saarloos Lorentz Institute, Leiden University The origin of "melt fracture" in polymer extrusion: a subcritical flow instability?
6 Mei Prof.dr. Z.D. Zhang Shenyang Nat. Lab. for Materials Science

Exchange coupling and remanence enhancement in nanocomposite multilayer magnets

13 Mei Prof.dr. J.C. Lodder Universiteit Twente Trends in magnetic storage technology
15 Mei Algemeen colloquium    
20 Mei Prof.dr. B. Büchner Technical University Aachen Magnon heat transport
27 Mei Prof.dr. A. Fasolino ITF, Univ. Nijmegen & ITS-WZI, Univ.of Amsterdam Moving on an atomic surface: a rocky ride
19 Juni Algemeen colloquium    
20 Juni Dr. J. Miltat Université Paris-Sud Switching strategies in nanoscale magnetic elements
24 Juni Dr. K. Prassides University of Sussex Strongly correlated fullerene-based solids: an ongoing voyage into the unexpected

2 September

Dr. F. Scheffold

University of Fribourg

Probing soft materials with light

9 September

Dr. B.J. Kooi

Groningen University

Transmission electron microscopy for advanced materials research

16 September

Dr. J.B. Klijn

Hamburg University

Local density of states of two-dimensional electron systems

23 September

Dr. T. Hijmans

WZI - University of Amsterdam

A resonant optical cavity as a one way light valve

30 September

Dr. S.E. Offerman

IRI - TU Delft

Evolving microstructures in carbon steel

7 October

Dr. J.A.A.J. Perenboom

University Nijmegen

A new world-class installation for high magnetic fields

14 October

Dr. F. Bouchama

ITS - University of Amsterdam

Trapping metal nanoclusters in "soap and water" soft crystals

21 October

Dr. R. Jochemsen

KOL - Leiden University

The influence of magnetic field on melting and growth of solid 3He

28 October

No colloquium



4 November

Dr. Th. Udem

Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics, Garching

Femtosecond metrology

11 November

Dr. P.C.M. Christianen

University Nijmegen

Fabrication, characterization and properties of nanoscale supramolecular assemblies

12 November (!) Dr. P. Grangier Institute d'Optique, Orsay New developments in quantum cryptography

18 November

No colloquium


25 November Prof.dr. K.J.H. Buschow WZI - University of Amsterdam Hydrogen-induced changes in magnetic properties of rare-earth -3d intermetallics
2 December Prof.dr. J.W.M. Frenken KOL - Leiden University

Slipping, sliding, and superlubricity: Friction on the atomic scale

9 December Dr. J.S. Caux ITF - University of Amsterdam Correlations and fluctuations in Heisenberg spin chains
18 December (11.00 h!) Prof.dr. J.C. Davis Cornell University
Searching for order in the 'pseudogap region' of the cuprate phase diagram