Physics colloquium of the
Van der Waals-Zeeman Institute
Place: Valckenierstraat 65, Room 286
Time: Tuesday afternoon, 16.00-17.00 h.
Coffee/Tea available from 15.45 h.

Ekkes Brück
Anne de Visser



Programme Spring 2004







13 January Prof.dr. W.H. de Jeu FOM Institute AMOLF Smectic membranes in motion: Dynamic studies with x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy and neutron spin echo
20 January Prof.dr. L. Kipp

Kiel University

Photoemission and photon sieves: Perspectives for VUV-FEL-nanospectroscopy

27 January Prof.dr. B. Hillebrands Technical University Kaiserlautern Dynamics in magnetic micro- and nanostructures
3 February Prof.dr. P. Rudolf Groningen University Electronic structure of fullerene based materials
10 February Dr. M. Knupfer IFW-Dresden Electronic properties of organic semiconductor interfaces
17 February cancelled  


24 February Prof.dr. T.M. Klapwijk Technical University Delft Electron-electron interactions and metal-insulator transition in 2D
2 March Prof.dr. B. Falster MEMC Electronic Materials, Novara (Italy) and London (UK) The control and engineering of intrinsic point defects and impurities in silicon crystal growth and wafer processing
9 March Prof.dr. J.T.M. Walraven FOM Institute Amolf and WZI-UvA Bose-Einstein condensation in hydrodynamic clouds of 87Rb
16 March Prof.dr. E. Vlieg Department of Solid State Chemistry, University Nijmegen The solid-liquid interface structure of growing crystals
23 March Dr. M. Bonn Institute of Chemistry, Leiden University

A double feature: Phase behaviour of a bio-lipid monolayer and Terahertz studies of exciton and charge carrier dynamics

30 March Dr. A. Morpurgo Delft University Electronic transport in molecular conductors with controlled charge density
6 April J.C. Maan High Field Magnet Laboratory, University Nijmegen Experimental observation of localization phenomena in low dimensional systems in high magnetic fields
13 April Prof.dr. R. Griessen Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam Physics of hydrogen in metals
20 April Dr. D. Fenistein Kamerlingh Onnes Lab., Universiteit Leiden Wide and universal shear zones in granular matter
27 April TBA    
11 Mei TBA    
18 Mei Cancelled    
25 Mei Prof.dr. S. Speller NSRIM, University of Nijmegen Implications and opportunities in studying molecules by scanning probe microscopy
1 June Dr. R. Noetzel COBRA, Univ. Eindhoven Strain engineering: A new concept for quantum dot ordering
8 June Prof.dr. D.H.A.  Blank University Twente Controlled growth of complex oxide thin films
(playing LEGO with atoms)
15 June R. Hoekstra Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut, Groningen Atom trap trace analysis or the search for a needle in ten thousand haystacks
22 June Prof.dr. M. Giglio National Inst. for the Physics of Matter, Milano University The near field scattering technique
29 June Prof.dr. S.D. Ganichev Inst. for Experimental and Applied Physics, University Regensburg Spin photocurrents in quantum wells