Hydrogen-induced changes in magnetic properties of rare-earth -3d intermetallics

Prof.dr. K.H.J. Buschow, University of Amsterdam

 First, a survey will be given of the various technological applications associated with the large reversible hydrogen sorption properties of this class of intermetallics.

The hydrogen induced changes in magnetic properties of the 3d sublattice are most easily studied on compounds in which the rare earth component is nonmagnetic. Here the most prominent changes can be understood in terms of the lattice expansion. If also the rare earth atoms carry a magnetic moment, the changes can be fairly complex. A case study will be presented based on results of neutron diffraction performed on deuterated powder samples of Pr6Fe13Au. It will be shown that the changes in magnetic properties depend much on the deuterium population of the various interstitial hole sites, which in turn is governed by a critical D-D distance.