Electronic paper display: paper-like electronic ink displays for electronic books

Guofu Zou
Philips Research Laboratories, Eindhoven

Have you ever dreamed of reading a book on your telephone or PDA display for hours at a time? Of course not! – the displays are just too dark and the reading experience just doesn’t feel right. What we need is a display which looks (and even feels) like paper. Philips Research is in the key path for getting such a display. Electrophoretic displays are a very good candidate in this respect. In these displays, charged particles move around in a fluid when a voltage is applied to the electrodes as illustrated in Figure 1. Here, positively charged white particles and negatively charged black particles move around in a clear fluid. The particles are contained within small capsules to keep everything stable. The viewer therefore looks either at a white surface which reflects in all directions (like paper) or to a black surface which is as dark as black ink. In this presentation, the status towards an active matrix display based on electrophoretic principle is reviewed and approaches of creating greyscale images on such a display are particularly discussed.  High resolution displays are demonstrated.