Van der Waals-Zeeman Colloquium

Tuesday, 13 April 2010, 16:00

Novel route to single-atom wires on Si(001)

Prof. Christoph Renner
DPMC, Univ. Geneva

There is sustained interest in the intrinsic physical properties of one dimensional systems. This is motivated by a fundamental interest in understanding low dimensional physics, well described theoretically but often lacking experimental verification, and the technological needs for ever smaller devices. We found a promising alternative to step edges and vicinal surfaces commonly used to self-assemble single-atom wires. It consists of a local one dimensional reconstruction of the Si(001) surface induced by the absorption of Bi. Among the exceptional features of this novel Si-in-Si template is the prospect of self assembling a novel category of subsurface atomic chains on hydrogenated Si(001), a technologically highly relevant substrate known to be stable in air for many hours. STM/STS characterization and modeling of the template, as well as first attempts at growing single-atom wires will be presented.