Electronic Structure of Fullerene-based Materials

Prof.dr. Petra Rudolf
Materials Science Centre, University of Groningen
Over the last decade many interesting properties of fullerenes and fullerene compounds have been discovered: they are excellent electrons acceptors,  express superconductivity, show a remarkable non-linear optical behaviour and have ferromagnetic properties. Charge transfer to the carbon cage is essential for many of these properties. In this talk I would like to show how charge transfer and the corresponding changes in the electronic structure can be determined by electron spectroscopies. Four possibilities to bring about charge transfer will be discussed: intercalation of C60 crystals with alkali metal atoms, adsorption of C60 on metal surfaces, substitution of a C atom in the cage structure to form the heterofullerene C59N and the encapsulation of metal atoms inside the cage which gives endohedral fullerenes like Sc2@C84.