Ferro Magnetic Resonance
Prof. Dr Hongru Zhai, Nanjing University
The talk will include a brief introduction to the principle of FMR and the main results of our recent research on
 various thin films by FMR. The study on patterned films mainly concerns with the shape anisotropy due to uniform
demagnetizing field and non-uniform demagnetizing field and the non-uniform magnetization excitations are
introduced. On single crystalline ultra-thin films of Fe/GaAs and Fe/InAs the evolution of various magnetic
anisotropies with film thickness during film growth will be reported and analyzed. In RE-TM alloy films for medium of
MOD, conical anisotropy and exchange bias field effect will be mentioned. The mechanisms of FMR line-width and
damping factor will be mentioned shortly and the theoretical fitting in poly- and mono-crystalline films will be