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Van der Waals-Zeeman Colloquium

Physics colloquium of the Van der Waals-Zeeman Institute

Place: Valckenierstraat 65, Room J.388
Time: Tuesday afternoon, 16.00-17.00 h.
coffee/tea available from 15.45 h
Coordinators: Peter Schall, Robert Spreeuw, Jook Walraven

Recent colloquia

Date Speaker Title 
28 Jun 2011
Dr. Alix McCollam
RU Nijmegen
A 2-dimensional electron gas in insulating oxide heterostructures
21 Jun 2011
Prof. Jaime Gomez Rivas
Collective resonances in plasmonic crystals
20 May 2011, 16:00
Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Hans Hilgenkamp
UTwente and Leiden
Special effects at complex oxide interfaces
10 May 2011
Prof. Christian Chardonnet
U Paris 13
Towards an optical frequency distribution with a resolution better than 10-19 via the Internet network at the European scale
12 Apr 2011
Dr. Erika Eiser
U Cambridge
Colloidal Membranes: DNA driven self-assembly
5 Apr 2011
Prof. Anthony Kent
U Nottingham
Superlattice saser: sound amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation at terahertz frequencies
29 Mar 2011
Prof. Hermann Suderow
UA de Madrid
Scanning tunneling spectroscopy at very low temperatures
3 Mar 2011
Thursday 16:30
Dr. Igor Kosacki
Shell Global Solutions
Nanostructured materials for energy applications
15 Feb 2011
Prof. Martin Weitz
IAP Bonn
Bose-Einstein condensation of photons
8 Feb 2011
Dr. Matthias Sperl
German Aerospace Center
Statics and Dynamics of Granular Matter under Microgravity
18 Jan 2011 --
Physics@FOM Veldhoven
11 Jan 2011 Prof. Ernst Bauer
TU Wien
Skutterudites: from ground state properties to thermoelectric applications
14 Dec 2010
Dr. Jeroen Kalkman
Optical coherence tomography: from imaging to quantitative measurements
9 Dec 2010
Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Vincenzo Vitelli
Leiden Univ.
From Soft Matter to Dark Matter: the Statistical Physics of Lensing
7 Dec 2010
Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Bill Unruh
UBC Vancouver
Measurement of the thermal spectrum of Hawking radiation in an analog system
23 Nov 2010
Dr. Stefan Kuhr
MPQ Garching
Single-atom-resolved detection and manipulation of strongly correlated atoms in an optical lattice
16 Nov 2010
Dr. Fathollah Varnik
Ruhr Univ. Bochum
Theory and computer simulation of complex fluids
5 Oct 2010
SP G2.10
Prof. Kjeld Eikema
Laser Centre, VU Amsterdam
Extreme ultraviolet frequency comb metrology
27 Sep 2010
Monday 14:00
SP C1.110
Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Jean Dalibard
ENS Paris
Artificial gauge potentials for neutral atoms: from Sagnac's to Berry's phases
21 Sep 2010
bldg/rm A 3.05
Dr. Veronique Brouet
Evolution of the electronic structure of BaFe2As2 upon Co and Ru substitutions, observed with angle-resolved photoemission
14 Sep 2010
bldg/rm A 3.04
Dr. Femius Koenderink
Controlling photons with nanoscale scattering resonances
7 Sep 2010
(30 min.)
bldg/rm A 3.06
Dr. Erik van Heumen
Optical determination of the relation between the electron-boson coupling function and the critical temperature in high Tc cuprates
7 Sep 2010
(30 min.)
bldg/rm A 3.06
Dr. Steve Johnston
Stanford Univ.
Modeling ARPES and STM Data in the High-Tc Cuprates: Implications for electron-boson coupling
29 Jun 2010 Prof. Mark Golden
Iron age superconductors: a view from real and k-space
8 Jun 2010 Prof. Klaus Sengstock
Univ. Hamburg
Ultracold atoms in honey-comb optical lattices: Flying bees or viscous honey?
25 May 2010 Dr. Sander Woutersen
Investigating molecular machines with time-resolved vibrational spectroscopy
18 May 2010 Prof. Ted Forgan
U. Birmingham
Magnetism & Superconductivity: Enemies or Allies?
11 May 2010 Dr. Artur Widera
Univ. Bonn
Probing Quantum Physics with Single Neutral Atoms
4 May 2010 Dr. Alexander Morozov
Univ. Edinburgh
Instabilities in viscoelastic shear layers and their relation to elastic turbulence
29 Apr 2010
Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Detlef Lohse
Univ. Twente
Thermally driven turbulence
20 Apr 2010 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Giulio Biroli
CEA Saclay
The glass transition
13 Apr 2010 Prof. Christoph Renner
DPMC, Univ. Geneva
Novel route to single-atom wires on Si(001)
8 Apr 2010
Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Mischa Bonn
Carrier Multiplication is more efficient in bulk than in quantum dots
6 Apr 2010 Dr. Val Zwiller
Kavli Inst. of Nanoscience, Delft
Detecting photons with superconducting nanowires
1 Apr 2010
Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Koenraad Schalm
Leiden Univ.
An emergent Fermi Liquid from a strongly coupled quantum critical point
23 Mar 2010 Dr. Gijsje Koenderink
Soft matter physics of the living cell
9 Mar 2010 Dr. Patrick Huber
Saarland Univ.
Fluidics with Nanoporous Solid-State Membranes: From Fundamental Physics to Applied Biology
2 Mar 2010 Dr. Olivier Dulieu
U. de Paris-Sud 11
Cold Molecules and Molecular Physics
23 Feb 2010 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Thomas Pichler
U. Wien
Tailoring carbon nanostructures: Unravelling the electronic properties of low-dimensional quantum solids
16 Feb 2010 Dr. Els de Wolf
ANTARES, Stepping Stone to KM3NeT
4 Feb 2010 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Erik Verlinde
On the Origin of Gravity and the Laws of Newton
2 Feb 2010 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Dirk van der Marel
U. Geneva
What makes superconductivity happen at high temperature
26 Jan 2010 Dr. Oliver Morsch
U. Pisa
Bose-Einstein condensates and Rydberg atoms in optical lattices
19 Jan 2010 --
Physics@FOM Veldhoven
12 Jan 2010 Dr. Jom Luiten
TU Eindhoven
Giant THz surface plasmons on a wire
22 Dec 2009 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Dr. Deniz van Heijnsbergen
Opening up the black box called 'Physical Review Letters'
15 Dec 2009 --
PhD defence T. Tiecke, Agnietenkapel, 16:00h
8 Dec 2009 Prof. Peter Oppeneer
Uppsala Univ.
A puzzle in condensed matter physics: The hidden order phase of URu2Si2
1 Dec 2009 Prof. Michel Brune
LKB, ENS, Paris
Manipulating and probing microwave fields in a cavity by quantum nondemolition photon counting
24 Nov 2009 Prof. Selim Jochim
MPI-K, Heidelberg
Efimov physics with Ultracold Fermions
17 Nov 2009 Prof. Clemens Bechinger
U. Stuttgart
Critical Casimir Forces at Work
10 Nov 2009 Dr. Mirjam Leunissen
Towards self-replicating materials of DNA-functionalized particles
3 Nov 2009 Dr. Philipp Treutlein
MPQ Garching/ LMU Munich
Ultracold atoms interacting with solid-state micro- and nanostructures
27 Oct 2009 Prof. Hanns-Christoph Nägerl
U. Innsbruck
Ultracold quantum gases in optical lattice potentials: From molecules to strongly-interacting 1D systems
22 Oct 2009 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. dr. Petra Rudolf
Univ. Groningen
Single graphene sheets on various substrates
20 Oct 2009 Dr. Ifan Hughes
Durham Univ.
Mobile traps for ultracold atoms based on domain walls in magnetic nanowires
13 Oct 2009 Prof. Itai Cohen
Cornell Univ.
Flight of the Fruit Fly
8 Oct 2009
Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Carlo Beenakker
Leiden Univ.
Majorana fermions in topological insulators
29 Sep 2009 Dr. Matthias Schröter
MPI, Göttingen
Still in the sandbox: exploring the granular phase space
22 Sep 2009 Dr. Jeff Steinhauer
Technion, Haifa
A sonic black hole in a density-inverted Bose-Einstein condensate
15 Sep 2009 Dr. Dmitry Petrov
LPTMS, Orsay
New trends in quantum gases
1 Jul 2009
14:00h room A4.04
Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. C. C. Tsuei
IBM T.J. Watson
Integer and half-integer flux-quantum transitions in a niobium/iron-pnictide loop
30 Jun 2009 Prof. Frieder Mugele
U. Twente
Panta rhei: from wetting of complex surfaces to aging of complex fluids
23 Jun 2009 Dr. Michael Köhl
U. Cambridge
Correlations and transport in Bose gases
16 Jun 2009 Dr. Kees Storm
TU Eindhoven
Soft Biological Matter: Function through Structure
9 Jun 2009 Dr. Anne de Visser
Superconducting ferromagnets
5 Jun 2009
Friday 15:00h A4.04
Algemeen Colloquium Icon Dr. Peter Lu
Harvard U.
Quasicrystals in Medieval Islamic Architecture
4 Jun 2009
Algemeen Colloquium Icon Dr. Deb Panja
Akzo Nobel/ITF
Memory effects in polymer dynamics: translocation, adsorption/desorption and melts
26 May 2009 Prof. Ton van Leeuwen
Optical Coherence Tomography: from plain towards molecular imaging
19 May 2009 Dr. Mark Kroon
The Dutch-Finnish Ozone Monitoring Instrument aboard the NASA EOS Aura Platform - System, Validation, and Science
12 May 2009 Prof. Markus Arndt
Univ. Vienna
Matter waves with clusters and molecules: from foundations of quantum physics to applications in physical chemistry
5 May 2009 --
(national holiday)
28 Apr 2009 Prof. Carmen Miguel
Univ. de Barcelona
Statistical properties of material yielding and plastic deformation mediated by dislocations
21 Apr 2009 --
PhD defense Cam Thanh (Agnietenkapel, 14:00 h)
7 Apr 2009 Dr. Sera Markoff
David vs. Goliath: What accreting stellar mass black holes can teach us about the supermassive
31 Mar 2009 Prof. Charles Adams
Durham Univ.
Atomic giants shuffle tiny lights: non-linear optics with Rydberg atoms
24 Mar 2009 Dr. Herwig Ott
U. Mainz
Electron Microscopy of Ultracold Quantum Gases
17 Mar 2009 Prof. Volkmar Dierolf
Lehigh Univ.
Bethlehem, PA
Optical spectroscopy for nanoscale characterization of photonic structures and devices
3 Mar 2009 Prof. Stephane Douady
LPS-ENS, Paris
Singing dunes or singing sand ?
24 Feb 2009 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Dirk Bouwmeester
U. Leiden/UC Santa Barbara
Solid-state cavity QED and knots of light
10 Feb 2009 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Peter Pusey
Univ. Edinburgh
Colloidal glasses
3 Feb 2009 Prof. Antoine Weis
Univ. Fribourg
Multichannel atomic magnetometers for biomagnetic diagnostics and electric dipole moment searches
27 Jan 2009 Prof. Marjolein Dijkstra
Univ. Utrecht
Crystallization and jamming in colloidal suspensions
20 Jan 2009 --
Physics@FOM Veldhoven
13 Jan 2009 (cancelled)
6 Jan 2009 Dr. Rüdiger Klingeler
IFW, Dresden
Novel FeAs based superconductors
11 Dec 2008
Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Paul G. Hewitt
City College of San Francisco
Teaching Conceptual Physics
9 Dec 2008 Dr. Gernot Goll
Univ. Karlsruhe
Hybrid Structures of Superconductors, Normal Metals and Ferromagnets
2 Dec 2008 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Dr. Philippe Monthoux
Univ. Edinburgh
Superconductivity without phonons
25 Nov 2008 Prof. Matthias Ballauf
Univ. Bayreuth
Colloidal dispersions in a flow field
18 Nov 2008 Prof. Laurens Siebbeles
TU Delft
Ultrafast charge carrier multiplication and nature of excited states in PbSe quantum dots
21 Oct 2008 Dr. Evert Slob
TU Delft
Obtaining linear system responses from recorded field fluctuations
14 Oct 2008 Prof. Andrew Parry
Imperial College, London
The Saga of of 3D Critical Wetting with Short-Ranged Forces
9 Oct 2008
Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Erik Verlinde
Univ. van Amsterdam
Teaching quantum mechanics starting from Heisenberg's matrix mechanics
7 Oct 2008 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Thomas Guhr
Universität Duisburg-Essen
Symmetry, Symmetry Breaking and (Quantum) Chaos
30 Sep 2008 Dr. Dmitri Yakovlev
Spin coherence of electrons in singly-charged quantum dots
23 Sep 2008 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. B.S. Sathyaprakash
Cardiff University
Gravitational Astronomy: The New Frontier
16 Sep 2008 Prof. Hamid Kellay
CPMOH, Univ. Bordeaux
Hurricanes in a soap bubble
9 Sep 2008 Prof. Jörg Fink
IFW Dresden and BESSY, Berlin
Stripes in high-Tc superconductors as detected by resonant soft X-ray scattering
10 Jun 2008 Prof. Andreas Wallraff
ETH Zurich
Photons, Qubits and Computers - A Quantum Mechanics Lab on a Chip
3 Jun 2008 Dr. Rick Bethlem
VU, Amsterdam
Manipulating polar molecules using electric fields; Fountains, Synchrotrons and Chips
Friday, 11:15
30 May 2008
Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Alain Aspect
Institut d'Optique, Palaiseau
Direct observation of Anderson Localization of matter waves in a controlled disorder
20 May 2008 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Duncan Haldane
Princeton Univ.
Berry phases, Dirac points, and edge states in topologically non-trivial electronic and photonic bands
13 May 2008 Prof. Robin Kaiser
INLN, Nice
Multiple scattering of light in cold atoms : coherent wave transport and lasing
24 Apr 2008
Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Allan MacDonald
U. of Texas at Austin
Room-Temperature Counterflow Superfluidity in Graphene Bilayers
15 Apr 2008 Prof. Jo van den Brand
NIKHEF/VU, Amsterdam
The search for gravitational waves
8 Apr 2008 Dr. Robert Wynands
PTB, Braunschweig
Atomic timekeeping
18 Mar 2008 Prof. Tom Gregorkiewicz
Space-separated multi-exciton generation with Si nanocrystals
11 Mar 2008 Dr. Tsvi Vinig
SPACE, Amsterdam
Science and Technology Entrepreneurship at Science Park Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (SPACE)
4 Mar 2008 Prof. Gerard v.d. Steenhoven
NIKHEF, Amsterdam
The origin of very-high energy cosmic rays
28 Feb 2008
Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Hans de Raedt
U. Groningen
Event-by-event Simulation of Quantum Phenomena
21 Feb 2008
Prof. Ekkes Brück
TU Delft
Magnetic Refrigeration
19 Feb 2008 Dr. Mikhail Baranov
IQOQI Innsbruck
Superfluid pairing in ultracold atomic and molecular Fermi gases
12 Feb 2008 Prof. Emmanuel Villermaux
IRPHE, Marseille
5 Feb 2008 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Andy Schofield
U. Birmingham, UK
"Dark order": what lies beneath quantum criticality?
29 Jan 2008 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Jorge Kurchan
ESPCI, Paris
Jamming versus glass transition
22 Jan 2008 --
(Physics@FOM Veldhoven 2008)
18 Dec 2007 Prof. Bert Koopmans
TU Eindhoven
Plastic spintronics
11 Dec 2007 Prof. Ad Lagendijk
Amolf and UvA, Amsterdam
Ending the discussion on the the Purcell factor of spontaneous emission
4 Dec 2007 Dr. Christophe Clanet
IRPHE, Marseille
Impacts on water: skipping stones and torpedoes
29 Nov 2007
Algemeen Colloquium Icon
27 Nov 2007 Dr. A. Lemaitre
Institut Navier, LMSGC, Paris
Dynamical noise and avalanches in quasi-static plastic flow of amorphous solids
13 Nov 2007 Prof. J. Hecker Denschlag
U. Innsbruck
When ultracold atoms pair up in an optical lattice
6 Nov 2007 Prof. W. Ertmer
U. Hannover
Ultracold gases in microgravity
30 Oct 2007 --
NSA symposium Nanotechnologie, Trippenhuis
23 Oct 2007 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Robert Griffiths
Carnegie Mellon Univ.
Consistent histories in Quantum Mechanics
16 Oct 2007 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. S. Balibar
Lab. Physique Statistique, ENS, Paris
Supersolidity and disorder
9 Oct 2007 Simon Portegies Zwart
Anton Pannekoek Inst.
The Ecology of stellar clusters
2 Oct 2007 David Guéry-Odelin
Lab. Kastler Brossel, ENS, Paris
Guided beams of ultracold atoms
25 Sep 2007 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Andrea Liu
Univ. of Pennsylvania
Effective temperatures in driven systems
18 Sep 2007 Arthur Weeber
ECN Solar Energy, Petten
Crystalline silicon photovoltaic technology
11 Sep 2007 Algemeen Colloquium Icon GertJan van Heijst
Eindhoven Univ. of Technology
Self organisation of two-dimensional flows
28 Jun 2007
Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Anne Kox
Instituut voor Theoretische Fysica, UvA
Lorentz en het IJsselmeer
21 Jun 2007
Prof. J.P. Liu
U. of Texas at Arlington
Building bulk magnets with nanoparticles
19 Jun 2007 Prof. Neil Ribe
Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris
All Bent Out of Shape: Periodic Buckling Instabilities of Fluid Ropes and Sheets
12 Jun 2007 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Karsten Horn
Fritz-Haber-Institut der MPG, Berlin
Graphene - electronic structure of an intriguing material
5 Jun 2007 Dr. Sasa Kenjeres
TU Delft
Numerical Simulation of a Turbulent Magnetic Dynamo
29 May 2007 Dr. Kai Bongs
Univ. Hamburg
Ultracold 40K/87Rb Mixtures
24 May 2007
Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Amir O. Caldeira
Universidade Estadual de Campinas/University of Utrecht
Dissipative dynamics of spins in quantum dots
15 May 2007 Dr. M. Feuerbacher
Forschungszentrum Juelich
Complex metallic alloys - a novel field in material science
10 May 2007
Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Dean Zollman
Kansas State University
The Visual Quantum Mechanics Project
8 May 2007 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Jos Engelen
CERN, Geneve
Experimental exploration of particle interactions at TeV scale
17 Apr 2007 Dr. Sander Tans
AMOLF, Amsterdam
Darwinian walks in empirical fitness landscapes
3 Apr 2007 Prof. Jan K.G. Dhont
Forschungszentrum Juelich
Shear Banding of Complex Fluids
27 Mar 2007 Prof. Marc Vrakking
AMOLF, Amsterdam
The other half of the story: attosecond time-resolved electron dynamics
22 Mar 07
Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Jan Zaanen
Instituut Lorentz, Univ. Leiden
Fermionic Quantum Criticality
13 Mar 2007 Dr. Dirk Holland-Moritz
DLR Cologne
Short-range order in undercooled metallic melts and its influence on the solidification behaviour
6 Mar 2007 Prof. Erling Riis
Univ. of Strathclyde
BECs on the move
27 Feb 2007 Joel Mesot
ETH, Zurich
Electron- and spin-dynamics of unconventional cuprate superconductors
20 Feb 2007 Wim Sinke
ECN & EU PV Technology Platform
Photovoltaic solar energy conversion, an overview
13 Feb 2007 Davide Iannuzzi
Vrije Universiteit
The Casimir effect: a story about an ancient book, a magic mirror, and a Friday afternoon idea
6 Feb 07 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Sandro Stringari
INFM-BEC, Trento
Strongly correlated ultracold Fermi gases
30 Jan 07 Dr. Serguei Molodtsov
Spectroscopic studies of chemical interactions in metallized biological nanostructures
23 Jan 07 no colloquium Physics@Veldhoven 2007
16 Jan 07 Prof. Friso van der Veen
Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen, and ETH, Zurich
Fluids in confinement - how fluid are they?
19 Dec 06
15:00 h
Dr. Siddharth S. Saxena
University of Cambridge
From quantum critical magnets to superconducting graphite
12 Dec 06 Dr. Salima Rafai
The Casimir effect and surface forces in wetting
5 Dec 2006 St. Nicolaas
Instituto Episcopal, Madrid
Gravitational transport through package delivery pathways
28 Nov 06 Dr. Lieven Vandersypen
Delft Univ. of Technology
Coherent control and read-out of a single electron spin in a quantum dot
21 Nov 06 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Jens Eggers
Univ. Bristol
Breaking drops, collapsing cavities, and dripping crystals
14 Nov 06 Prof. Dominique Givord
Lab. Louis Néel, CNRS, Grenoble
Magnetism at the nanoscale
7 Nov 06 Prof. Gordon Davies
King's College London
Lattice isotope effects in silicon
31 Oct 06 Prof. Wybren Jan Buma
Univ. van Amsterdam
Molecular machines in the gas phase
24 Oct 06 Prof. Christian Wagner
Univ. des Saarlandes
Polymer conformations of semi-diluted solutions in elongational flow
17 Oct 06 Prof. Wim Ubachs
Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam
Precision spectroscopy of H2 and a possible variation of mp/me over cosmological time
10 Oct 06 Prof. Stephen M. Hayden
Univ. Bristol
Neutron Scattering Studies of Magnetism and Superconductivity
3 Oct 2006 Prof. Emanuel Bertrand
Laboratoire Colloïdes et Materiaux Divises, CNRS/Université Paris 6
A study of adhesion and molecular recognition based on magnetic colloids
26 Sep 2006 Dr. Jom Luiten
TU Eindhoven
Ultracold electron and ion beams
19 Sep 2006 Dr. Beatriz Noheda
Materials Science Center, Univ. Groningen
Nanodomains in ferroelectric thin films
12 Sep 2006 Dr. Nynke Dekker
Kavli Institute of NanoScience, TU Delft
Single-molecule techniques for investigating the biology and the physics of nucleic acid and proteins
4 Jul 2006 Prof. Dr Frans Spaepen
Harvard University, Department of Enginering and Applied Sciences
Mechanical Properties of Metallic Glasses
27 Jun 2006 Dr. ir. Frans Widdershoven
Philips Research Leuven
Challenges of Advanced IC Process Research
20 Jun 2006 Dr. Tom W. Hijmans
Van der Waals-Zeeman Instituut, UvA
The Physics and Mathematics of Piano Tuning
13 Jun 2006 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. Teije de Jong
Astronomical Institute "Anton Pannekoek", UvA
Astronomy from Babylon
6 Jun 2006 Prof. Gabe Aeppli
University College London
Polarons and confinement of electronic motion to two dimensions
30 May 2006 Prof. Giacomo Ghiringhelli
Politecnico di Milano
Probing neutral excitations in a chemically selective way using Resonant Inelastic soft X-ray Scattering
23 May 2006 Prof. Peter van der Straten
Universiteit Utrecht
Atom Entanglement by Kapitza-Dirac Scattering


18 May 2006

Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. dr. A. Ashtekar
Inst. for Gravitational Physics and Geometry, Penn State
Quantum Geometry and Space-time Singularities
9 May 2006


Prof. Henri Alloul
LPS, Université de Paris-Sud
25 Apr 2006


Dr. S.S. Saxena
Cavendish Laboratory
University of Cambridge
From quantum critical magnets to superconducting graphite
18 Apr 2006 Dr. Karel Prokes
Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin
Neutron diffraction studies of CePdAl under extreme conditions
11 Apr 2006 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. dr. R. Blatt
University of Innsbruck and
Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information
Quantum computers - dream and realization
4 Apr 2006 Dr. T. Narayanan
European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble
Glass transitions in short-ranged interacting colloidal systems
28 Mar 2006 Prof. Reinder Coehoorn
Philips Research Eindhoven
Electronic and photonic processes in organic LEDs
21 Mar 2006 Prof. Zakhary Krasil'nik
Russian Ac. Sc., Nizhny Novgorod
Erbium doped silicon multilayer structures for LED and laser applications
28 Feb 2006 Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. dr. Albert Polman
Center for Nanophotonics, FOM-Instituut AMOLF
Surface plasmon nanophotonics
21 Feb 2006 Prof. Frédéric Merkt
ETH Zurich
Rydberg optics: Of Rydberg atom and molecule accelerators, mirrors and traps
14 Feb 2006 Dr. P. Pinkse
MPI f. Quantenoptik, Garching
Electric trapping of slow polar molecules
7 Feb 2006 Prof. dr J.Th.M. De Hosson
University of Groningen
Electron Microscopy: does it solve materials problems?
31 Jan 2006 Dr. K. Novoselov
Univ. of Manchester
The two-dimensional gas of massless fermions in graphene
24 Jan 2006 Dr. Chris Westbrook
IOTA, Orsay
The atomic Hanbury Brown and Twiss expriment: fluctuations in cold quantum gases
19 Jan 2006
Algemeen Colloquium Icon Prof. dr. Theo Rasing
IMM, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Ultrafast spin- and magnetization dynamics
10 Jan 2006 Dr. Kjeld Eikema
VU Amsterdam
Vacuum ultraviolet frequency comb spectroscopy with phase controlled ultrafast laser pulses

Algemeen Colloquium Icon means seminar together with ITFA