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Welcome to my heavily under-maintained homepage. Sorry if some of the links here do not work anymore, I don't spend much time on this page these days. Some obvious information about myself: I am a member of the Computer Architecture and Parallel Systems group at the University of Amsterdam, where I'm a research programmer. I have been and will be involved in projects relating parallel and distributed computing, and resource management.

In my spare time I contribute to NetBSD, a free unix-like operating system. When I'm not trying to actually have a life, that is. So far, I've written the Linux emulation support, merged in the NFSv3 code from 4.4BSDLite2 and am maintaining it, am the i386 port maintainer, etc.


Computer Architecture and Parallel Systems Group


Alcoholic stuff: whisky.
NetBSD , a free, multiplatform Un*x operating system.
Operating Systems
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Frank van der Linden
Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy
University of Amsterdam
Kruislaan 403
1098 SJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands