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Recipe for "cbuttr-cookies"


     CBUTTR-COOKIES - Simple filled  butter  cookies  with  cream

INGREDIENTS (3-4 dozen)

     250 g     butter
     200 g     sugar
     250 g     all-purpose flour
     1         egg yolk
     100 g     cream cheese
               raspberry jam


          (1)  Preheat oven to 175 deg. C.   Cream  together  the
               butter and sugar.
          (2)  Add the flour and egg yolk and mix well.
          (3)  Add the cream cheese and mix well.
          (4)  Roll into balls about 1.5 cm in  diameter.   Place
               them  on  an  ungreased  cookie sheet (the cookies
               don't grow when baked, so  they  can  be  somewhat
               close  together).  Then press your thumb into each
               to flatten it and make an indentation to hold some
               jam. Fill it with jam.
          (5)  Bake at 175 deg. C for 15 to 20 minutes.


     You can use any flavor jam you like.  The jam  is  the  only
     part  of  the cookie that has any texture, so I prefer using
     it to jelly.
     Don't eat the cookies straight  from  the  oven,  or  you'll
     probably burn your tongue.  The jam stays hotter much longer
     than the cookie.


     Difficulty: easy, but strenuous if made by hand.   Time:  20
     minutes preparation, 15-20 minutes baking.  Precision: Meas-
     ure the ingredients.


     Aviva Garrett
     Santa Cruz, California, USA
     Excelan, Inc., San Jose, California

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