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A discography of Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention. Including the lyrics of over 500 songs. To find a song you can either search for a song in the alphabetically sorted Songlist or run a keyword search on the lyrics.

Special Projects, Bootlegs and Upcoming Releases

The Old Masters Boxes, the Beat The Boots series and track listings for upcoming releases. (Temporarily unavailable)

Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions are regularly posted on It contains general questions, a ''Whatever Happened To ...'' section, a discography, a videography, a singles discography, information about other Zappa projects, the differences between vinyl and CD versions of the same albums, Bootlegs info, every detail about the '88 tour and notes and comments on some obscure lyrics.

Interviews and Articles

This section contains many interviews with Zappa and some articles by Zappa.

Miscellaneous Files

Sun/NeXT audio files, MIDI files, GIF and JPEG images, MPEG movies, Guitar tablatures, chords and scores.

Zappa Quote

Every day another Zappa quote.

Other Zappa Sites

This isn't the only Zappa web site. There are at least seven more of them! This will also take you to Zappa related websites like 'HomePageReplica' about Captain Beefheart.


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