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MIDI Files

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Composition Name Size Created by
The Black Page 5.7K --
The Black Page (info) 25K Bill Gwynne
The Black Page 12K --
Echidna's Arf (Of You) 538 --
The Girl In The Magnesium Dress (info) 10K Hermann Schindler
Grünfinger (info) 1.1K Hermann Schindler
Guitar Waltz 1.1K --
The Idiot Bastard Son 12K --
Igor's Boogie (info) 5.6K Hermann Schindler
King Kong 7.0K --
Let's Make The Water Turn Black 13K --
Let's Make the Black Water turn Beastly Harry into an Lumbering Orange Trucker.... Oh No!! (info) 110K Stephen Q. Muth
Little House I Used To Live In (info) 7.8K Hermann Schindler
Music For Electric Violin and Low Budget Orchestra (info) 5.2K Hermann Schindler
Yo' Mama 45K Keith Roberts
Oh-No 6.5K --
Peaches En Regalia 29K --
Peacheas En Regalia 41K Anson Moss
RDNZL 45K Keith Roberts
Take Your Clothes Of When You Dance 17K Nature Boy
Uncle Meat 10K --
Uncle Meat (info) 30K Stephen Q. Muth
Uncle Meat Variations (info) 56K Jaap Lampe
Other Composers
Don't Let the World Pass You By - Jean-Luc Ponty (info) 110K Stephen Q. Muth
Egocentric Molecules - Jean-Luc Ponty (info) 81K Stephen Q. Muth

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